Drills & Bits


Clasic Hand Drill.

Order Code: JY#HD001

Black Spur wood drill bits, with guided tip in 5 pack.

Order Code: JY#DB131

Black Spur 16pc combination drill bit set, c/w metal, wood & masonry packs.

Order Code: LW#DB231

19pc HSS drill bits in metal carry case. 1*1.5*2*2.5*3*3.5*4*4.5*5*5.5*6* 6.5*7*7.5*8*8.5*9*9.5*10mm

Order Code: LW#DB135

Hole saw kit with 26;32;38;45;50;56 & 63mm cutters.

Order Code: LW#M1400

Hole saw set in carry case with 64;76;89;102 & 127mm cutters.

Order Code: LW#M1530

SDS Chuck converter.with chuck key.

Order Code: LW#V1282

16pc drill bit set with wood, HSS & masonery bits.
see below for size’s

Order Code: LW#DB231

W- 4*5*6*8*10, M- 4*5*6*8*10, HS- 2*3*4*5*6*8mm

HSS drill bits, 1.5;2;2.5;3;3.2;4;4.5;4.8;5;5.5 ;6;6.5 mm bits.

Order Code: DM#F1000

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